Challenge Name: Insp3ct0r
Points: 50
Category: Web Exploitation

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are doing well.

Please note that, this CTF competition is over so I have rights to post the write up publicly according to the policy.

I hope that you have tried all the possible ways to solve the challenge and you are here because you have still not found the solution.

Flag Format: picoCTF{FLAG}

Challenge Details:


  1. How do you inspect web code on a browser?
  2. There’s 3 parts


From the given hints, we need to check the source code of the page. So open the given URL in Chrome, Right Click and select “Inspect”.

You can see 3 files,

  1. Index
  2. myjs.js
  3. mycss.css

Check the source code of all the 3 files and you’ll get the flag in 3 parts. Just Concat the flag and submit.

Flag: picoCTF{tru3_d3t3ct1ve_0r_ju5t_lucky?832b0699}

I hope that you have enjoyed the writeup and learned something new today, Please let me know if there are any concerns.

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